anna. catholic. i fancy many things, such as semicolons, knitting, eddie redmayne's freckles, tea, and basil. (i really fancy basil.) I want to be bernard black when i grow up, mainly because i would like to verbalise the phrase 'don't you dare use the word party as a verb in this shop' as often as I can in civilised conversation. (any kind of conversation, really). i overuse parentheses and am plotting a scheme to become a pirate at the olympics (it's going to happen).
sometimes i think i'm funny (often untrue). i have a ukulele called hamlet. take from that what you will. pippin is beautiful, life is short, and i have plans to eat all your bees.


Legend has it that if I complete all one thousand, I get a special wish. So, uh, that’s three down, 997 to go. So, Harriet, will you join me on my q u e s t so that we can share this wish together?  

I was wondering if you would give me another chance to go on your quest.

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person: can you give me a hand?
me: *jazz hands*

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so many prawn chips & so much regret

Aug 29


well, son, i deeply misunderstood your birthday request for COD but we still need to eat all this fish

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I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.

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whenever teddy lupin spends time in muggle london, random strangers will go up to him and ask where he goes to get his hair dyed bc “it looks so authentic!” and he just smiles and says “my mum” 

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